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Why is it difficult for some men to settle down?

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I frequently hear the same story of a woman dating a man for over three years and the man has not even discussed marriage. Many do not even want to mention the word ‘marriage’.  In some instances, the couple shares a child. I just don’t get it… I understand that marriage is not for everyone but if you share a child and you know that she wants to be married then why not step your game up? Read the rest of this entry »

Why do men cheat when they have a good woman?

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This question comes up a lot with my girlfriends. We find it so hard to understand why men cheat when they have a good woman. A woman can have the total package. She can be pretty, smart, career-minded, own a home and have a great personality. Yet, a man will still go out and cheat with a woman that may not have nearly half of those qualities. What is up with that? I want the men and women to sound off and express your comments on this prevalent issue. Maybe some men can shed some light on this issue.