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Can a Man Really Forgive A Woman After Cheating?

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A male friend discovered through a mutual friend that his girlfriend was dating another man. Although he tried to work on the relationship, he wasn’t able to trust her.  Eventually the relationship ended. Women often learn to forgive and stay with a man that cheats. Can a man truly forgive a woman after finding that she has cheated?

Should a woman tell a man on the first date that she wants to get married?

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I was told a long time ago that I should never tell a man that I want to be married. I always looked at marriage as a beautiful union that most people would like to someday undergo. Well, my male friend told me that if I mentioned the ‘M’ word to a man that wasn’t ready for marriage, then he would either do two things: 1) quickly lose my number or 2) slowly distant himself from me. Read the rest of this entry »