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Does a man respect a woman who gave it up too soon?

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I know it is the new millennium and women are more in touch with our sexuality. But I am curious to know how men really think about a woman giving it up soon after they meet? Can giving it up too soon result in a failed relationship? Would you respect her? Would you want to form a serious relationship with her? Or do you look at her as easy ass?

How long should a woman wait before having sex with a man she’s dating?

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My friends and I have discussed this topic on many occasions. For a long time, I have heard many women say that they would never give up the goods on the first date. They abided to the three month rule. They would have to get to know the man and go out on several dates before engaging in intimacy. Presently, I know of many women who have changed their earlier views of waiting. Read the rest of this entry »